One more sleep to go!

How time flies!

This years Festival of Quilts seemed such a long way off when Janet (M-in-L) and I booked the tickets and hotel months ago for our yearly ‘pilgrimage’ to the NEC.

This year is different in a couple of ways though, as firstly our close friend Marilyn won’t be there but will still be with us and much thought of.  She really loved the festival and looked forward to it so much. Secondly, I plucked up the courage and submitted a quilt in the Contemporary Category (317) in remembrance of Marilyn.

There are a couple of reasons why this would amuse Marilyn.  One is that I am always coming up with design ideas but don’t tend to finish things and the other is I always said I wouldn’t enter anything into an exhibition as my work would never measure up to the fabulously impressive creations that the 3 of us would ooh and arrh over together.

Remembering Marilyn was more important though and when she passed in November last year I thought a great deal about what would make her smile.  I got the idea of making a quilt for the show that represented her and our friendship and that’s what I did, although it was touch and go whether it would ever get finished at times!!  More about how and why it was made in future posts and of course, lots of pictures!

Well I had best be off to finish packing, we arrive at the hotel tomorrow night and are planning to be at the exhibition first thing on Thursday morning. I have to admit feeling a bit apprehensive about seeing Marilyn’s quilt amongst all the other entries.  I hope she likes it.

Many thanks for stopping by.

Until next time……



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