Janet (M-in-L) and I returned home from the Festival of Quilts very late on Saturday night after a full on 3 days of workshops, shopping and looking at all the exhibits and it would be fair to say that I am absolutely shattered!

It was quite an emotional 3 days starting with seeing Marilyn’s quilt actually hung as part of the exhibition, Janet’s (M-in-L) reaction to seeing it for the first time and the feedback from visitors.

It was a little strange, I have to admit, seeing something I had made and which is so personal displayed so publicly.

I have to say though, I was disappointed with the way it was displayed.  It is a double sided quilt and I had assumed both sides would be visible.  Unfortunately this wasn’t the case and visitors had to ask to see the back which meant that the bottom right corner was lifted to reveal part of the back but this still didn’t show you all of it.

I left some feedback with Twisted Thread to ask why they have decided to do this instead of making both sides visible. They did give an explanation and asked me to complete a comments form which I believe will be looked at further….watch this space!.

Thanks for stopping by….



2 thoughts on “Shattered!

  1. My friend and I also remarked whilst at FOQ about the disappointing way double sided quilts were displayed. I’m sure in previous years it has been possible to see both sides of double sided ones and I suspect that in the case of Marilyn’s quilt, it would have been particularly relevant. Enjoyed the festival though and your quilt in particular.

    • Hi Veronica
      I too am sure they used to hang double sided quilts properly in previous years.
      If I hear from Twisted Thread, I will post what they said.
      Thank you so much for your comment and for taking the time to see Marilyn’s quilt and visit this blog. It is very much appreciated.


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