Our stay at Alston Hall

The sun was out to welcome us back to Alston Hall on Sunday although it didn’t seem that long ago I was last here with Janet (M-in-L) and Marilyn at the main building.

This year our very good friend Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) joined us for the workshop with Sheena Norquay and you would have thought the 3 of us had left home with the amount of stuff we brought with us!

After we had checked in we left our machines and things in The Garden Room where we would be working which we hadn’t been in before.

It was quite a packed few days with the workshop starting after dinner at 8.30pm where Sheena talked us through what we would be doing and how. We had been provided with a list of things we needed to bring which included photos of leaves or actual leaves.  Sheena explained how we were going to use these and gave us lots of ideas and guidance of how to get started.

She also had lots of pieces of her fabulous work with her for us to drool over!

The first thing was to decide which leaf or leaves to use.  I had taken some from our garden that morning before I left and was doing my best not to take forever and a day to decide on what to use like I normally do!

These are the leaves I had brought…

…and after much deliberation…..

I decided on a single fatsia japonica leaf

and Janet (M-in-L) decided on this wonderful layout.

The next step was to decide what background and applique fabric to use. Sheena had a lovely piece of her work that was all stitch on cotton sateen which I really liked.  I didn’t have any of that so made do with a plain calico background.  I also decided not to applique my shape and just use thread.

We made a template on white baking parchment by tracing our shape (or shapes) in a layout we wanted…

and then used this to transfer the shape onto the background fabric.  This was then basted on 100% cotton wadding with a calico backing and then…

to the job of choosing the colour thread….

…the leaf shape was stitched using a rayon thread.

The plan is to free motion a different design in each section, 2 done 7 more to go!!

Thanks for stopping by….



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