Fabulous Log Cabin

Amongst all the wonderful stalls at the Festival of Quilts this year I came across this one.

The lady from the stall very kindly agreed it was ok to take photos of her wonderful creation and post to the blog as long as her design wasn’t copied.

The stall is called ZigZags which is textile art shop that includes patchwork and quilting supplies.  They also run courses and workshops and sell online.  It is just a shame that they are not local to me or I would definitely be paying their shop a visit!

 Log cabin is my favourite block and when I saw this I just thought it was the most gorgeous and clever use of it.

This must have taken forever to make but how impressive!

Here you can see the detail of the tiny individual blocks.

This is the view from inside their stall.

Thanks for stopping by…



4 thoughts on “Fabulous Log Cabin

  1. So much to think about there, including…when does a quilt stop being a quilt and become a work of art. When you can’t keep yourself warm with it any more? I don’t know. The use of colour is extraordinary as is the mini pillow design. What a fascinating piece.

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