Dyeing Workshop with Sandra Wyman

Well I have just returned from a fabulous day with a group of lovely ladies where we played all day with dye and fabric and had a good laugh aswell.  What more can a girl ask for!!!

Sandra is a very nice lady who took us through a number of different techniques which we all completed and I for one learnt a great deal from someone who obviously knows her stuff.

Here is a taster of what we got up to….

We chose a colour and created 4 different variations of this colour…

we used 2 different colours to create 6 variations using different quantities of dye…

how much fabric can you get in a plastic cup!  One colour in the bottom and a second poured in over the top…

this is a yellow linen table cloth with hand embroidered flowers that I bought in a charity shop which I have pleated and dyed using 2 different colours….I can’t wait to see what it will turn out like….

this is the front of a metre square of fabric which is twisted in the centre to form a coil which is then held together with elastic bands.  Dye is then added using a syringe…wait until you see the finished results…

and this is the back.  Sandra has promised to send us photos of the finished result.  I can’t wait!!

We also had a special treat at lunchtime when Sandra showed us her incredibly impressive quilts and talked us through how she had made them.

Find out more about Sandra’s talent at http://thedyershand.blogspot.co.uk/

My only complaint, as always, is the day went far too quickly!

Thanks for stopping by….



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