Marilyns Quilt: The Design

As you can imagine deciding what to make and how to do it took far longer than actually doing it…well it does for me anyway!!!

As usual I was awash with design ideas and wanted to use every one of them.

I even scribbled (I was going to say ‘sketched’ but that makes me sounds like I can draw!!) some of them in a scrapbook and guess what…the finished quilt didn’t look anything like them!

Anyway, once I had made my mind up (well sort of) I started at the design wall.  I knew from the beginning that the quilt would include text but I needed to work out how big the section would be, which position etc within the space I had marked out with masking tape.  I played about with some A3 sheets of paper for a while to get a rough idea…..

I had been collecting material for a while and started to lay it all out on the ironing board to work out what I had…..

..some of you might recognise this next one from the top of the blog.

The fabric was a combination of what Marilyn and I had bought together, designs that were typically ‘Marilyn’ and one which was actually hers.  As you can see there are 3 main colours, which represents pink for Marilyn, green for Janet (M-in-L) and purple for me.

3 Organising the fabric

And then onto what to do around the text…

I originally picked the Turning Twenty design as Marilyn and Janet (M-in-L) had used this many times and really liked it but then changed my mind (like you do) and picked the Friendship Braid which just seemed right.

I copied the template from the book below by Pam and Nicky Lintott, the braid pattern is also on the cover of the book which is well worth buying by the way…

I have never done this block before and there turned out to be more to it than I originally thought…. and I had to make absolutely sure that I got the pieces the right way round, so I labelled everything to within an inch of its life!!

I then made lots and lots and lots of the A and B templates to try and work out how many rows I wanted/needed to fill the masking tape rectangle that I had marked out on the wall.

I deliberately made a few changes to the block, deconstructing it I suppose which was intended to represent the fact that our friendship was now interrupted (not sure how to describe this thinking really, it just sort of happened)….

These included changing the orientation so the ‘braids’ lay horizontally not vertically, alternating the directions of each row instead of them all facing the same way and deliberately not aligning the seams to ensure they didn’t match.  Looking back it might seem strange to have done this but like I said, it just happened……

One of the other things I did do, was to miscalculate how many pieces I would need on each row….because I forgot to factor seam allowance in and only counted the number of templates that I had laid on the wall!!!  Really stupid thing to have done given it is pretty fundamental and only realised once they were pieced and didn’t cover all the space between the masking tape…duhhhh!!!!

Until the next installment…

Thanks for stopping by….



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