Marilyns Quilt: Piecing the Friendship Braid

Because I wasn’t following a pattern as such, I cut a number of A and B pieces from the 3 colours and then placed them individually on the design wall trying to make sure that the same fabrics didn’t end up too close to one another.  As you can imagine this took longer than actually piecing!1


Once I had decided what was going where the pieces were stitched together.  The hardest part of making this block was getting started I think.  Once the first 2 are joined it is pretty straight forward.

3at the machine…

4piece stitched…

5piece pressed…

6part of a row in progress… 7

2 rows pinned together ready for joining…


the rows were pretty wide and didn’t fit on the ironing board (which definately needs a new cover I think!) 9multiple rows stitched together… 10

all the rows stitched together.

With the Friendship Braid pieced the next stage was tackling how to do the text panel.

Until the next installment…

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