Marilyns Quilt: Printing the Text Panel

As I said in a previous post, the whole design centred around including text but I had never printed directly on to fabric before, in fact it is fair to say that Marilyns Quilt was full of firsts.

I had done a bit of research and decided on the following

  • to buy an A3 printer (my A4 one was on its way out anyway)
  • to try and print on the longest piece of fabric I could to avoid joins
  • to prepare the fabric using fabric conditioner and freezer paper
  • to continue the use of the 3 colours: purple, pink and green

This was all well and good and I did indeed buy an A3 printer but there were certain limitations that I hadn’t expected.

I couldn’t print as long a piece as I had thought.  The print drivers had a maximum size it would go to so although it was longer than A3, I still had to print onto 2 pieces of fabric and join them.  Also, I discovered (once I had already bought it of course) that pigment ink cartridges were not available for my printer which meant I had to use dye based instead so I wasn’t even sure the ink would stay on the fabric when it was rinsed!.

I didn’t have any Bubble Jet Set solution but remembered having a conversation some time ago with a lady at the Festival of Quilts on the Computer Textile Design Group stand where she had told me that you could soak the fabric in fabric conditioner, let it dry, iron to freezer paper, print as normal, remove paper, rinse fabric, dry and iron….. so that’s what I did.

test fabric drying on the washing linehere are some sample printed fabric pieces drying on the line..

It’s also worth saying that I printed a number of copies on paper first to test the colours, work out which font was best and the spacing to use to fill the panel appropriately etc.

I also stitched onto a couple of practice text ‘sandwiches’ to test out different threads and also work out the best tension setting for the free motion stitching over the coloured text that I wanted to do.

practice sandwich piece pinned

printed practice sandwich pinned.. practice sandwich piece stitchedprinted practice sandwich stitched..

With the text panel printed the next stage was piecing it into the Friendship Braid top.

Until the next installment…

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One thought on “Marilyns Quilt: Printing the Text Panel

  1. This is fascinating. Am I correctly understanding that after you did all the printing through the computer, freezer paper etc that you sandwiched and quilted the piece ? Did you use your machine and follow the lettering, or did you practice the all over quilting on a sample to just ensure when you quilted the whole top, it was successful on the word panel?

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