Marilyns Quilt: Making the Sandwich

I have to admit that this is my least favourite part of making a quilt.  I am a bit of a perfectionist and I take forever to do this bit as I am scared of getting puckering if the layers aren’t basted properly.  Janet (M-in-L) taught me how to sandwich and baste so I do as I was taught (which is another first!).

The other reason I don’t like this stage is my back was killing me by the time I had finished, from scrabbling around on the floor! Since then though I have come up with a solution (or think I have) which I will share with you some time soon. Anyway, back to the back breaking sandwiching….

I laid the backing fabric down and secured it with masking tape, then the same for the batting.  I used 100% wool batting that I bought from Bambers in Eccles.  I hadn’t used this before but wanted something a little more substantial than the 80:20 polycotton that I had used previously.  It is lovely stuff and I would definately recommend it.

backing fabric secured with tape

the batting was then smoothed out flat and secured with masking tape…

batting smoothed out flat and taped

then the same with the top…

top smoothed out flat and tapedand then the lot was pinned to within an inch of its life which you can see the beginning of below…

basted with pins

I was really worried about this stage as I was concerned that the text panel wouldn’t look straight once it was basted and quilted.  Although this stage took forever I think it was worth it as it doesn’t look too bad.

With the layers sandwiched and basted the next stage was to free motion quilt it which was the scariest part of it all!

Until the next installment…

Thanks for stopping by….



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