Marilyns Quilt: The Quilting

As I said in the previous post, this really was the part that scared me the most because if I messed this up then there was no time to make a new one or any fabric to do it with and although I haven’t mentioned it before….the Deadly Deadline for submission to the Festival of Quilts was most definately looming!!!

So, with shaking fingers (quite literally!) my very first attempt at free motion quilting on a real quilt began………

quilting the text panel first

text all stitched..

text panel quiltedquilting the Friendship Braid….

quilting the friendship braid

how did all that fit through the machine..

how did all that get through the machinenearly done…

nearly done

done and squared up.

all quilted and squared up

Phew panic over!!!!  With the quilting done the end was nearly in sight! Binding it was the next step.

Until the next installment…

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One thought on “Marilyns Quilt: The Quilting

  1. That looks great. It is such hard work isn’t it, getting all that through the machine. I look forward to seeing it in the festival of quilts! I have yet to achieve that, but one day,!-Suzy

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