Marilyns Quilt: The Binding

And now for the binding..

and now for the binding

Firstly, I sewed a zig zag or overlock stitch all the way around the edge of the quilt before adding the binding.  I saw this recommended on one of the many websites/blogs that I visit and it really is worth doing as it makes it much easier to handle the edges when adding the binding.

neatening the edges first

To make the binding I cut the strips at 2 inch wide and then stitched them together to get one long continuous strip.  I used the same fabric for the binding as I used for the backing. starting to join the strips 2

After putting one strip on top of another…continuing joining the strips 3

getting a straight edge 4

I cut the edge to make sure it is straight… getting a straight edge 5

then right sides together at 90 degree angle….create the right angle 6

then I drew a diagonal line from top left to bottom right…mark the diagnonal 7

then pinned …diagnonal marked and pinned 8

then stitched along the drawn line..diagnonal stitched 9

quarter inch seam allowance identified..quarter inch seam allowance  identified 10

seam allowance removed.. cut quarter inch seam allowance 11

opening the seam using my little roller gadget….opening and pressing the seams 12

strips joined..strips joined 13

strips folded and ironed ready to use..binding strips folded and ready 14

mitred binding stitched on the back first..mitred binding being stitched on the back first 15

I then brought the binding to the front and machine stitched it on.

The next task was to make and attach the label.

Until the next installment…

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2 thoughts on “Marilyns Quilt: The Binding

  1. Love the roller gadget, sure beats running to the iron while you are putting together lots of binding pieces. I have a “pampered chef” one in the kitchen drawer that may get moved to the sewing room! (Quilting takes priority over cooking I believe!)

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