Marilyns Quilt: The Label

Nearly finished….

I printed the label with pink text which you can see below drying on the washing line (apologies for it being in reverse).  For some reason the sun was continually shining when I was making Marilyns Quilt…not that I am complaining!

printed label on the line

I then used bondaweb to secure it to the back of the quilt.  I really like the way the backing fabric can still be seen through the label.  The paper label which is also visible below is one which the Festival of Quilts asks you to secure to your quilt for identification purposes.

label on the finished quilt

I then stitched the hanging sleeve on made from the same backing fabric, which I might add took me FOREVER to slip stitch….this was not my favourite task!  Making and attaching a sleeve was another first for me and although I had a vague idea of how to do I once again turned to the internet for guidance.  I found a brillliant tutorial on youtube which I am sure I will use again and again.

Marilyns Quilt was now ready for sending to Birmingham.  I have to confess that when I look at the quilt even now I am amazed I actually made it and even more amazed it was finished on time!

The next step was to get it to Birmingham.  Until the next installment…

Thanks for stopping by….



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