Marilyns Quilt: The Delivery

The organisers of the Festival of Quilts (Twisted Thread) give you a number of options of how to get your quilt to them.  Because I was so paranoid about sending it by post – I was convinced they would lose it – I decided to play it safe and drive to Birmingham and deliver it personally to the Crown Plaza Hotel.

If I am honest I was slightly late than I had originally planned delivering it and took the afternoon off work and drove there and back that day.  I must mention that I didn’t have a clue of how to ‘package’ the quilt and Janet (M-in-L) came to the rescue with a box that was perfect.

I wrapped the quilt in a cotton sheet then in bubble wrap, then into the box it went.

packingI was really lucky that day as the weather was glorious and the motorway was behaving itself.  After handing my prized possession to the reception desk I decided to stop and have a drink before heading back home.  This was my view at the Crowne Plaza Hotel NEC which looking back, was the perfect ending to finishing Marilyns Quilt.finally delivered 1

finally delivered 2

Now all that was left to do was to worry about what people would think at the show!! The next post will have some pictures of it on display.

Until the next installment..

Thanks for stopping by….



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