Marilyns Quilt: Hanging at the Show

I will apologise in advance for the quality of the photos but the lighting at the NEC in places can be quite poor which means the colours aren’t quite as true as they should be.

the label marilyns quilt a closer look

In addition to the text panel stitched in the front, I made another panel that hangs at the back from 3 coloured mother of pearl buttons and matching handmade cord. Yes you guessed it…the colours are pink, green and purple. In the photo below you can see one of the lovely ‘Quilt Fairies’ as I call them showing Janet (M-in-L) the back of the quilt for the first time and reading the panel.  Although she knew I was making the quilt she didn’t see it at all, not even the fabric, until we arrived at the show.  I also inserted the Friendship Braid piece cut from the front into the back.

janet m-in-l seeing the quilt for the 1st time

I couldn’t really believe that people stopped to look at the quilt but I am very grateful that they did. taking the time to read the text more taking the time to read the text 2

The ‘Quilt Fairies’ did a wonderful job of looking after Marilyns Quilt and when I was leaving to go home on the Saturday I went to their office to say thank you. keeping a watchful eye

I hope nobody got a crick in the neck from reading the back! I did speak to Andrew Salmon about how double sided quilts are displayed at the show and we had a very interesting conversation which you can read more about here.

a crick in the neck

Thank you again to the ‘Quilt Fairies’ and to everybody who took the time to look at Marilyns Quilt – it was and is very much appreciated.

In the next post I will share with you the feedback the quilt received from the judges.

Until the next installment..

Many thanks for stopping by….



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