Marilyns Quilt: The Judges Verdict

Because my objective was making the quilt for Marilyn and having it displayed at the Festival of Quilts I didn’t even think about the judging side of the exhibition until the quilt was returned and I found the feedback forms included in the box.  I was quite nervous opening the envelopes but was pleasantly surprised by the positive comments.

The form below was from a judge named Tracey Pereira.  The written comment reads ‘Very touching memorial quilt. Tastefully executed. Writing really adds a lot of emotive reaction to the piece.’

Marilyns Quilt Feedback from Tracey Pereira

This form below was from a judge named S Lockie.  The written comment reads ‘Lovely flow of colour could be improved if joins or plaits flowed through each block. Wonderful idea.’

Marilyns Quilt Feedback from S Lockie

What was interesting about this point was that I deliberately ‘deconstructed’ the Friendship block which was part of representing that our friendship had been ‘interrupted’ but given the limitation on the number of words you can include you can’t really convey every detail.

This is the last post in the ‘Marilyns Quilt’ series.  I will create a single post with links to all the posts I have written.

Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to read them and to those of you who have left comments, it is very much appreciated.

Many thanks for stopping by….



One thought on “Marilyns Quilt: The Judges Verdict

  1. What a labor of love! Thank you for sharing the process with everyone. I know that when you lose someone you love, the healing takes time. I’m sure you did a lot of thinking and remembering and praying while you stitched this quilt.

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