Favourites from Festival of Quilts 2012

The past few months have passed in somewhat of a blur for me.  I really don’t know where the time has gone.  It has therefore (surprisingly you might think) just occurred to me that we are not too far away from Festival of Quilts 2013 – roughly 6 weeks to go!!!!!!!!!

This is a key event in mine and Janets (M-in-L) ‘Creative Calender’.  We have been going to the exhibition together since 2008 and I have loved every single year.

The first time I went was for 1 day with a group of ladies from the patchwork and quilting group that Janet and Marilyn were members of – ‘1 day I said, is just not enough’!!!

I felt like a kid in a sweet shop as I just knew I wanted to buy everything, learn everything and make everything – naive eh?

It is fair to say that I was completely blown away by the phenomenal quality and impressive level of creativity that was displayed. This hasn’t diminished over the years and we look forward to the event with much anticipation.  We are either planning to go, waiting to go, have just come back shattered or are sad that it is over and the cycle continues!

Sooooo…..with anticipation in mind, I thought it might be nice to wet our collective appetite with some photos of quilts that took my fancy at last years show. If my maths are correct (don’t rely on it!), we have 6 Fridays to go before the next installment – yes only 6!

Therefore I plan to post these pictures each Friday – now to be known as ‘Festival Friday’ between now and then. I managed to remember to record the number of the quilt so I know who the maker is, the category it was entered in and the information provided by the creator which was included in the show brochure.

I hope you join me in a weekly fix of gorgeous quilts as we get ready for this years show but just in case you can’t wait for Friday you could always have another look at the previous posts with pictures from last year.

Fabulous Log Cabin

‘Summer Sunbeams’ by Marjory McKinven

‘Scarlett’s Quilt’ by Marion Robertson

‘Scots Pine’ by Marion Robertson

Thanks for stopping by….



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