Festival Friday: countdown has begun!

Welcome to Festival Friday – our count down to the Festival of Quilts 2013 by looking back at some favourites from last years show  – see the previous post Favourites from Festival of Quilts 2012

This is the first of the 6 posts as promised which includes work from 2 artists.

The first quilt is ‘Cyberplanet’ by Yvonne Kervinen from Sweden which was in the Contempory Category.

The technical and inspiration information was included in the Competition Catalogue which was provided on the entry form by the entrant.  Unfortunately both are limited to 20 words maximum but it does give a sense of the thought behind the making of the quilts.

Technical Information: ‘My own dyed fabrics. Circles are pieced and stripes appliqued.  Free hand quilted.’

Inspiration: ‘The planets in the cyberworld’2012-08-18 225 Cyberplanet 2

I have a bit of a thing for circles in textile work and loved the combination of them and the straight lines.  Unfortunately I don’t appear to have taken a close up photo but the quilting was fab too.

Continuing the circle theme, the second quilt is named ‘Fifth Grade Fantasy Flowers’.  This was in the Group Quilt category and was made by 100 students, 1 art teacher and 1 quilter from the Marlton Elementary School, USA.

Technical Information: ‘Fabrics were hand-dyed and then painted with shiva paintsticks by each student. Quilt was then machine quilted.’

Inspiration: ‘Friedensreich Hunderwasser’s style and the student’s creativity inspired this quilt.’

I really loved everything about this quilt – what talented kids they have!

2012-08-18 527 Fifth Grade Fantasy Flowers 2 2012-08-18 527 Fifth Grade Fantasy Flowers 3

Hope you join me again for more fabulous work next Friday.

Thanks for stopping by….



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