Festival Friday: 4 more to go!

Welcome to the 2nd of 6 posts that count us down to Festival of Quilts 2013 by looking back at some favourites from last year.

The first is called ‘Fragments of Time’ by Hazel Ryder entered in the Contemporary Quilts category.

Technical Information: ‘Scraps of fabric attached with an embellisher.  Machine and hand quilted Welsh patterns.  Includes hand dyed indigo fabric and threads.’

Inspiration: ‘The fragments of blue and white china unearthed over the years on my allotment were the inspiration for this quilt.’

I loved the texture on this quilt and the fact it was made by using an embellisher machine which is one of the many gadgets that I have in my collection.  It made me think of other ways of using it. Maybe it will make me actually use it, we’ll see!!

2012-08-18 287 Fragments of Time 2

A great idea to use the scraps as the background with quilt patterns over the top which you can see more clearly in the close up photo below. I have tried this with putting scraps onto bondaweb and then quilting which worked out really well.2012-08-18 287 Fragments of Time 3

The quilt below is called ‘Cabin Fever #1’ by Judith Maggi Fritschi also in the Contemporary Quilts category.

Technical Information: ‘Free cut and pieced log cabins, re-cut into quarters and re-sewn together, hand dyed fabrics.’

Inspiration: ‘I like to cut freely already sewn blocks allowing a lot of random to put them together again.’

2012-08-18 264 Cabin Fever # 1 1 Label

For those of you who have read my previous posts, you will know that Log Cabin is absolutely my favourite block so I am drawn to anything and everything with it in!  The colour and abstract design of this quilt also attracted me. 2012-08-18 264 Cabin Fever # 1 2

I am also really drawn to the stitching on quilts and textiles, especially if it incorporates a number of different designs like this one does.

Hope you can join me for more gorgeous work next week.

Thanks for stopping by….



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