Why the title Family & Friends?

I first had the idea to do the exhibition last year and seemed to have a lot of time to prepare and now we are only a couple of months away maybe now is the time to panic!!

But before I do panic, in the next few posts I will be talking about the details of the exhibition and today will start with explaining the title.

I chose ‘Family & Friends’ for a number of reasons….

  • ….my experience has been that people who get into patchwork and quilting tend to do so because they want to make something special for someone they care about.  It might be a first grandchild, daughters wedding, a friends special birthday to name some of the reasons I have come across.  I don’t recall ever hearing anyone say they want to make something for themselves. I wanted to make something very ambitious for my niece when her mum found out she was pregnant (as yet still unfinished) but that is a series of blogs all by itself! So how does this observation link to the exhibition title….well, these thoughtfully, meticulously planned and exquisitely executed (in my opinion) works of arts don’t usually find their way into exhibitions and I wanted people to have the opportunity to join us in October and enjoy some examples of these wonderful creations and to read the stories about why they were made.
  • …..since attending shows like Festival of Quilts and Harrogate etc I have been mithering Janet (M-in-L) and Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) to enter their work in an exhibition and every time I bring it up I get the same answer ‘NO’.  I am convinced that the wider audience are missing out on not being able to see their work and am thrilled that they have agreed to put a number of items in the exhibition.  It has taken some convincing so don’t miss out, make sure you come and have a nosey!!
  • ….the day just wouldn’t be possible without the support of my family and friends, the work on display will have been made by family and friends, My Neil (Handsome Husband) will be there to great you at the entrance, Our Linda (my little sister) and Our Laurie (my cousin) will be helping me in a number of ways and will be there on the day, my friends Erica and Diane (Mrs C The 1st) will be running the pop up cafe and tempting you with the most fantastic cakes, Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) and her daughter Sharon (The Talented Teacher) will be taking care of the charity stall and the raffle.  They will also be looking after the ‘Interactive Table’ but more about that in another post!  Friends Marion Robertson, Ruth Parker and Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) have kindly made prizes for the raffle and extended family and friends are being called upon to sell as many tickets as they can! .
  • ….the trader asked to support the day is a family run business which is Empress Mills.  I am sure Charles and his Mum are well-known to lots of you.
  • …..I have lost family and friends to pancreatic cancer and would like to try to make a difference by supporting more research and have therefore chosen to raise money for the charity Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. I have created a JustGiving page which you can go to by clicking here. You can also donate via text….isn’ technology wonderful!!

Soooooo, a number of pretty good reasons for the title I hope you will agree.

Join me next time when I explain more about the Raffle, the prizes and the charity stall.

Thanks for stopping by….



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