The Quilt Raffle – tickets now on sale!

The raffle tickets are now made and are ready to sell so the pressure is on!!

Raffle Tickets

The winning raffle tickets will be drawn at 3.30pm on the day of the exhibition which is of course Sunday 27th October.

Join me next time to hear the story of the first prize.

Many thanks for stopping by…..



2 thoughts on “The Quilt Raffle – tickets now on sale!

  1. Hi Naomi

    It is great to hear from you – many thanks for your comment.

    You can buy tickets by going to the our JustGiving page and donating the amount you would like to buy online ie one ticket is £1.
    Make sure you add your name so I know the donation is from you.
    I will then send you an email with a photo of the completed ticket stubb. If you want to send me your mobile number separately in an email you are welcome to.

    The link to go to is

    I have just finished adding the photos to the post about the first prize so you will see that soon!

    Hope you are well.


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