One of the things I really really wanted the exhibition on the 27th to do was allow visitors to become involved in the day.

By that I mean have the chance to get their hands on an exhibit or two and get their hands on some fabric and paint, but hopefully not at the same time!

So with all this in mind, these are the things I have come up with….

Visitors Choice – you will have the chance to vote for your favourite exhibit and say why you like it.  I will post pictures and details of the ‘winning’ exhibit here and on my facebook page.

Please Touch! – this will be the instruction next to a couple of the exhibits and one of them I would like visitors to add to!!!  Come along and find out more…

What Would You Do – you will have the chance to win a hand dyed piece of fabric by telling me what you would do with it.  The idea I like the most will win the fabric.

Come and Find It – visitors will be given a list of 10 photos of different exhibits and see if they can find which ones the photos belong to.

Make Your Mark – this is where you get your hands on fabric, pens and paint! Sharon (The Talented Teacher) will be looking after you at this table.  As the fabric panels become decorated they will be hung up for everyone to see what you have been up to!  This can be anything from your name, handprint, comments about the day or even something a bit more adventurous!

What Would You Do Template

And that’s without all the lovely work to see and Diane’s delicious homemade cakes to treat yourself to!

Hope to see you there.

Thanks for stopping by….



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