The Total by end of Sunday…

Well the exhibition has come and gone and it is fair to say that I am absolutely shattered!

I have spent the last year planning and imagining the day and all its details in my head and now the clear up must begin as my house looks like a whirl wind has been through it!

The first thing I did last night though, was to ensure all the money raised from the various activities for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund were entered into the JustGiving page.

Before I reveal all, I would like to say…


to everyone single person who was involved in any way at all in the exhibition

You have collectively managed to not only reach the £500 target I set but to blow it out of the water!!!

The total raised and now paid online is…..The Total up to the end of yesterday.Congratulations everyone and please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support.

Please visit and

view the posts in the ‘Updates’ and ‘Donations’ sections of the page

More posts to follow with details of the prize winners and pictures.

Thanks for stopping by….



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