Raffle Prize Winners

All the raffle prizes were donated by generous and gifted people so a huge thank you to all of them for making the raffle such a success.

The tickets were drawn for the prizes in the order that they were donated with 2 extra being given on the day!

The quilt was won by Ron and Ann France who are members of the french group that Janet (M-in-L) goes to and here they are with their prize.  I have been told that they are very pleased to have won it and plan to use it which is great news.

Quilt Winners

The next prize to be drawn was the handmade bag made by Marion Robertson.  This was won by Valerie Williams who kindly bought tickets during a recent workshop I attended at Alston Hall. Winner of Marions Bag Valerie Williams

The next ticket drawn was for Lou’s Shoes won by Sue Nealon, a ticket sold by Our Laurie (my Cousin).Winner of Lous Shoes Sue NealonThe lovely beach scene picture made by Ruth Parker was won by Sharon Smith who is a client of Our Linda (my Little Sister).Ruths Picture 2

Lou’s Patchwork Bag was won by Sheryl Evans who couldn’t have won a more appropriate prize as she is a true bag lover! Unfortunately I was silly enough not to have taken a full photo of another of Lou’s gorgeous creations but this is a close up of part of it to give you a taster!Winner of Lous Patchwork Bag Sheryl Evans

I am very jealous of the next winner as I wanted this prize for myself!  Well done to Audrey Harvey for winning Green Cloud 2 made by Monica Selway.Winner of Green Cloud Silk Embroidered Picture Audrey Harvey

Michael Tandy was the winner of the vouchers from The Little House of Beauty, a ticket sold by Lyn Dunn.

Winner of Beauty Vouchers Michael Tandy

The next 2 prizes were kindly donated on the day of the exhibition but I only have pictures of one of them…

Trish from Tilia Fabric, who was present selling her wonderful fabric and more, donated the next prize.  The Little Owl Kit was won by Sarah G who is a colleague of Our Laurie’s (my Cousin).  I am reliably informed by Trish that Little Owl is a girl!

Winner of Little Owl Kit Sarah G 1 Winner of Little Owl Kit Sarah G 2

Last but definately not least, was a handmade card donated with a red rooster illustration which was won by Jo Akers at Pennine Care (no photo I’m afraid).

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you again for your support.

Thanks for stopping by…..



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