What Would You Do: the winner

One of the activities for visitors to participate in at the exhibition was…

What Would You Do

I did indeed read through all the entries and pondered long and hard over which one to choose and eventually I chose the entry by…..

Jill Asan

This is the details of what she would do with the fabric….

Winning Entry Jill Asan

and here is the hand dyed fabric….

What Would You Do 1

It measures 28″ x 68″

What Would You Do 2

What Would You Do 3

What Would You Do 4

Why give this away you may be asking yourself?

When I dyed this fabric I couldn’t wait to open it up and see how it had turned out but I love it so much that I would never dare cut or stitch into it.  I take it out regularly and admire the pattern and colour then put it away again (sound familiar to anyone??).

Congratulations to Jill for her fabulous ideas, I have no doubt she will make something wonderful and hopefully share pictures with us!

Thanks for stopping by….



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