Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund: why?

The exhibition has come and gone, the winners have their prizes and a whopping £916.87 has generously been raised……but the battle against pancreatic cancer continues.

Total Now Over £900

Read on if you would like to know why I chose this charity and why I will support it again in the future.

I knew a year ago that I wanted to organise a quilt & textile exhibition and as part of that to raise money in some way to fight pancreatic cancer.  I knew I didn’t want the money raised to go in the ‘Cancer Charity Big Pot’ but to be more specific about the support I wanted to give.

So, I did some research on the internet and came across a couple of charities but chose the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, it was different in the sense that it was specifically targeting pancreatic cancer and it’s aim was to make a difference by supporting research.

Secondly, it was set up by someone who knew what it was like to suffer as a loved one at the hands of pancreatic cancer and her story struck a chord with me.

So, I had found my charity, I then had to write the story for the JustGiving page and this is what was posted…..

I have encountered pancreatic cancer 3 times over the past years and know how devastating a disease it can be.

My precious Nanna died in July 1994 after a few short months of being poorly, this pattern was repeated in 2004 when my boss at the time Jill Simpson, passed away after a short battle and again in November 2011 when a good friend Marilyn Christall also passed after only a few months of being ill.

What has struck me the most is that nearly 20 years separate my Nanna’s passing and Marilyns but the pattern was exactly the same.  How can that be with all the advantages in treatment and research that we hear about, so I had a nosey on the internet trying to find some more information and discovered some interesting facts.

The Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund Charity confirmed my fears.  Whilst the survival rate for other types of cancer have improved dramatically over the past 40 years, pancreatic cancer survival rates are still the same now as they were then.  This research fund is trying to defeat pancreatic cancer by funding much needed innovative research and this is the charity I have chosen to support at the ‘Family and Friends Quilt and Textile Exhibition’ which I am organising on Sunday 27th October 2013.


Please visit Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund website for more information about their work.  They are waiting for our support.

Thank you for reading…



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