About Me

Hi, my name is Tracy and I love designing and making stuff!

I live in Manchester, England and am married to my gorgeous husband Neil (aka My Neil).

I am very passionate about all things handmade and love to see all the wonderful things that people create.

My interests include card making, patchwork and quilting, making jewellery, going to craft shows and quilt/textile exhibitions, gardening and interior design (amongst others!).

Looking back, I have always been ‘crafty’ if that is the word!  I learnt to sew by watching my Mam and Nanna using a Singer treadle sewing machine.  I remember how exciting it was when it had a motor added and we didn’t have to peddle anymore!! I learnt many things from them including how to decorate, I suppose they taught me that you can do anything if you put your mind to it.

I decided to start designing and making my own cards a few years ago now and ended up converting our spare bedroom into a little workplace to house my growing stash!  I needed a name and logo and at the time my youngest brother James, had his 3rd child Gracie, so tracygracedesigns and my flower logo was created. It took me ages and I have to confess there are easier ways of doing it but of course I didn’t know this at the time!

My interest in patchwork and quilting came from my Mum-in-Law, Janet about 3 plus years ago.  She had done the City and Guilds course a few years prior to that and inspired by her work, I thought mmmmm, I wouldn’t mind learning that!  She has taught me lots and lots and I am very grateful for her patience and time. I took the plunge in January 2009 after lots of homework and bought a Pfaff Quilt Expression 4.  That is a whole other story / journey in itself which I will be telling in the blog posts in the coming months.

It was at this course that Janet (M-in-L) met Marilyn who was to become a very close and treasured friend.  I had heard a lot about Marilyn prior to actually meeting her and from the first time we did meet I felt like I had known her forever.  Our first outing was to our favourite patchwork shop, Bob’s in Southport.  I won’t go into more detail here as you can read more about Marilyn in About this Blog which explains why I have taken the plunge and created this blog.

I soon tried my hand at jewellery making with Marilyn which I still enjoy and the little space I had was stretched even further!  So much so that My Neil suggested I have the bigger bedroom as my stash of fabric and jewellery equipment etc was slowly taking over the whole house (can anyone identify with this or is it just me who has far too much stuff???!!)

Along with Janet (M-in-L), I am a member of the Quilters Guild here in the UK and we enjoy going to the regional and area days that they organise. http://www.quiltersguild.org.uk/

Janet (M-in-L) and I have a ‘core’ social calendar which in addition to the regular area and regional days includes going to Frodsham Fabric Sale in January, Craft Show at Aintree, the highlight of our year is the Festival of Quilts in August and then rounded off with the show at Harrogate in November.  We also try to squeeze in other exhibitions and courses as we can.  We particularly like Alston Hall in Preston and have been to a couple of residential courses there which were fab.  http://www.alstonhall.com/index.php

Wow, well that’s enough from me, thank you for reading and I hope you enjoy the blog, particularly finding out more about Marilyn’s Quilt.

Take care



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