Festival Friday: 3 more to go!


The photo below gives the details of the piece from the creator Beatrice Lanter.

2012-08-18 Vergnugt 1 Label

Another Log Cabin……yes I am that addicted, how can you not be when people create such wonderful work based on it.

The whole piece… 2012-08-18 Vergnugt 2

A close up of all those tiny colourful little blocks! They made me think of lots of little houses all bunched up together…2012-08-18 Vergnugt 3

The next piece is called ‘The Moth Pages’ and was made by Stephanie Redfern.  It was entered into the Art Quilts category and was so striking on display.  I was very much drawn to it.

Technical Information: ‘Painted and printed fabrics, applique, stitch (machine and hand) computer printed images and text, mixed media.’

Inspiration: ‘The lime hawk moth, architecture.’

2012-08-18 167 The Moth Pages 2 2012-08-18 167 The Moth Pages 3 2012-08-18 167 The Moth Pages 4

I can’t believe we are half way through already, not long to go!

Thanks for stopping by….