A talk with Andrew Salmon….

As I told you in a previous post, I was a disappointed with the way that Marilyn’s quilt was hung.  It is double-sided and I had expected that visitors would be able to see both sides fully.

For those of you who kind enough to visit Marilyn’s quilt at the exhibition, you will know that the quilt had a label to advise it was double-sided which was a prompt to ask one of the lovely Stewards to lift the bottom corner which allowed you to see only part of the back.

So, on the last day of the show I went to the Quilters Quild stand and asked where I could register my view.  They advised me to speak to Andrew Salmon of Twisted Thread.

I went to the organisers office but Andrew wasn’t around so I voiced my concern to the people there and was advised to complete a comments form which I did.  I have to be honest and say that I really thought it was a waste of time.

Well that didn’t turn out to be the case.  This week I had a voicemail from Andrew Salmon to say that he had read my comments and would try to contact me again. Yesterday I decided to ring him back and had what proved to be a lengthy and interesting conversation with him.

He firstly apologised for any disappointment caused and went on to give me the rationale about why they had decided to show double-sided quilts in the way they did.

I can appreciate the considerations that he outlined, the different approaches that they have tried and complications that they have to manage.  My main point to him was regarding the communication (or lack of it).

The entry forms that I completed only had a tick box which said ‘double sided’ and that was it.  My point to Andrew was whatever approach Twisted Thread choose to take should be clearly articulated to the entrant and then at least expectations can be altered accordingly.

He described the different approaches they had tried in the past including custom made stands and their frustration when the quilts that were supposed to hang there never arrived.

In conclusion, he wanted to also assure me that the topic of how they will display double-sided quilts in the future was firmly at the forefront of their discussions which is encouraging to know.

I was pleased to know that my comments form had been read and impressed that Andrew had taken the time to ring me to discuss it further.  We shall wait and see what they decide to do for future exhibitions!!

Thanks for stopping by….