Make Your Mark: what did you do?


The idea behind this activity at the exhibition was to give visitors the opportunity to get their hands on some fabric and pens and have a play.

I created freezer paper stencils of the words Make Your Mark.

1 Make Your Mark Stencils

I then prepared 3 panels of white fabric using the stencils and Markal crayons just to start things off…


There wasn’t any rules as such but there were lots of busy hands… could be anything from their name, handprint, comments about the day or even something a bit more adventurous!

And my very first visitor did indeed make her mark…Kath Dootson My First Visitor

Terry Jones Ruth Paul OopsNatalieNatalie maybeMaslows Triange Mandy Lou The Fabulous Stitcher KristinaKaty Fairweather 1 Katy Fairweather 2Jill Janet M-in-L In Awe

Imogens Mum 1

Imogens Mum 2Helen Carter 1Helen Carter 2Grace Glenys Eve Erica and Diane ED

Dawn Michelle Seddon 1

Dawn Michelle Seddon 2Beth Singleton Beautiful Flower Anne W Alison Singleton

The Master At Work me thinks….otherwise known as Philip (The Father-in-Law)

Philip Van Gogh at work

but what is he up to…

Philips Masterpiece

Yes, definitely a master piece by Philip Van Gogh!

Sharon The Talented Teacher 1

Sharon The Talented Teacher 2

Huge Thanks go to Sharon (The Talented Teacher) who looked after things at the table.  As the fabric panels became decorated they were hung up for everyone to see what fellow visitors had been up to!

6 Creativity at Work

3 Make Your Mark created

4 Make Your Mark created

Last but definitely not least My Thanks To ‘The Cast’The Cast

And the final word goes to EleanorElenor

Thanks for stopping by….