The Raffle: Marions Beautiful Bag

Although The Collaboration Quilt will be drawn as the first prize it is impossible to rank the other prizes as they are all equally fabulous!

So I have decided to post about them in the order that they were very generously given as prizes.

The next is this Beautiful Handmade Bag by our incredibly talented friend Marion Robertson.

The Story….

As I have mentioned in a previous post, Janet (M-in-L) and I go to the festival of quilts every year and part of that annual pilgrimage is having dinner with Marjory McKinven and her sister Marion Robertson.

When the four of us met up last year I was telling them about my plans to organise a quilt and textile exhibition and to have a raffle to raise money for charity.  Marion immediately offered to make a patchwork bag to be used as one of the prizes which was most gratefully accepted.

A few weeks later a parcel arrived with her gorgeous bag inside…..

Marions Bag 2 Marions Bag 3

Marions Bag 4 Marions Bag 5

Thank you to Marion whose kind support is very much appreciated.

As you know, the purpose of the raffle is to raise money for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund

  • click here if you want to know more about the charity
  • click here if you would like to donate online OR
  • Text PCRF62 with the amount £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10 to this number 70070

Join me next time for the first glimpse of Lou’s Shoes, I promise you won’t be disappointed!

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‘Scots Pine’ by Marion Robertson FoQ 2012


Marion also had 2 items in this years exhibition and fortunately I do have a picture of this little gem although I had to wade through the crowd to get it as the miniatures were proving to be quite popular!

Again the photo doesn’t do justice to this perfect little piece and show just how gorgeous the stitching and colour actually is.

The information in the catalogue….

‘Thermofax screen printed onto hand dyed recycled cotton, then hand and machine stitched with silk and polyester thread.    The dramatic silhouette of a lone scots pine, a reminder of the great caledonian forest of my native Scotland.’

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‘Scarlett’s Quilt’ by Marion Robertson FoQ 2012


Marion told us about how she made this quilt over our dinner on the Friday.

Information from the show catalogue….

‘Cotton fabric, some hand dyed, then machine pieced and free machine quilted with cotton thread.  Inspired by dogroses growing along the banks of the river Nairn and made for my granddaughter, Scarlett.’

Totally gorgeous with great colour….

love the quilting…

and the piecing.

I am sure this will be a treasured gift.

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Festival of Quilts: A time to meet up with friends…

Amongst the many activities the Festival of Quilts offers, is the opportunity to meet up with friends.

In the 70’s Janet (M-in-L) and Philip (F-in-L) lived and worked in Zambia.  Whilst there, Janet (M-in-L) taught in a school with a lady called Marjory McKinven.  They have kept in touch over the years and when we started our yearly ‘pilgrimage’ to Birmingham Janet (M-in-L) happened to mention it to Marjory that we had started to go.

Well it turned out that Marjory also goes every year and meets up with her sister Marion.

We agreed to meet up for lunch (which was a few years ago now) and it is become a regular feature in our time there to meet up on the Friday night and have a meal together which Janet (M-in-L) and I always look forward to.

Marjory and Marion are both very talented quilters and in 2010 won at Loch Lomond.  They both submitted work this year in the festival and I will be posting pictures soon.

I’d love to hear if anyone else uses the exhibition (or any other for that matter) as a way of keeping in touch with friends?

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