Raffle Tickets: Sheena’s Groupies at Alston Hall

Just like we did last September, Janet (M-in-L), Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) and I have spent the last 3 days on a residential workshop with Sheena Norquay at Alston Hall.  I will do a separate post on what we got up to but what I really want to say here is…..

….. a Huge Thank You to the lovely ladies we met on the course for buying raffle tickets and to Wendy for her donation.

Thanks also to Sheena, who was kind enough to let me tell the group about the exhibition and raffle next month.

And here they are with The Collaboration Quilt….

Ladies at Alston Hall with Quilt

The Collaboration Quilt is certainly getting about!

Have a nosey at our Justgiving page which is getting healthier thanks to their support this week.

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Workshop with Lisa Walton…work in progress!



This is what I thought of the workshop with Lisa on Friday at Frodsham.  I really enjoyed the day the only drawback being it passed far too quickly!!

Lisa has a refreshing approach to her technique which is…. ‘there are no rules!’.  If you get the chance to go to one of her workshops, then take it!

I thought I would share a few pictures of our wonderful creations.

My centre piece, colour one…..

second colour strip in progress…

second colour strips are multiplying…..

colour 2 nearly finished….

fabric for colour 3…

It was a lovely group of ladies and they very kindly agreed to let me include some of their pieces here. I have to say though that the photos do not do the wonderful colours justice. They look different depending on what screen you are looking at ie phone or laptop and where in the room the photo was taken.  I must be doing something wrong!

Janet’s (M-in-L) first colours were blues for her first and second colour..

Fiona MacCauley Davies wonderful work..

Linda Bilsborrows lovely work…

Eve Roberts used the most gorgeous creams and pinks…

and finally (but certainly not least) the impressive work of Jenny Anderson…

and a close up just for good measure!!

Hope you enjoyed the pictures and thanks again to the ladies for letting me post them.

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Workshop with Lisa Walton

Well Janet (M-in-L) and I are off on our travels again today as we are doing the ‘Crystallazation’ workshop with Lisa Walton as part of the Regional Day (weekend) in Region 13 of the Quilters Guild.

I first saw Lisa’s work at the Festival of Quilts and absolutely loved it so have been really looking forward to doing this since we booked it.

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Our stay at Alston Hall

The sun was out to welcome us back to Alston Hall on Sunday although it didn’t seem that long ago I was last here with Janet (M-in-L) and Marilyn at the main building.

This year our very good friend Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) joined us for the workshop with Sheena Norquay and you would have thought the 3 of us had left home with the amount of stuff we brought with us!

After we had checked in we left our machines and things in The Garden Room where we would be working which we hadn’t been in before.

It was quite a packed few days with the workshop starting after dinner at 8.30pm where Sheena talked us through what we would be doing and how. We had been provided with a list of things we needed to bring which included photos of leaves or actual leaves.  Sheena explained how we were going to use these and gave us lots of ideas and guidance of how to get started.

She also had lots of pieces of her fabulous work with her for us to drool over!

The first thing was to decide which leaf or leaves to use.  I had taken some from our garden that morning before I left and was doing my best not to take forever and a day to decide on what to use like I normally do!

These are the leaves I had brought…

…and after much deliberation…..

I decided on a single fatsia japonica leaf

and Janet (M-in-L) decided on this wonderful layout.

The next step was to decide what background and applique fabric to use. Sheena had a lovely piece of her work that was all stitch on cotton sateen which I really liked.  I didn’t have any of that so made do with a plain calico background.  I also decided not to applique my shape and just use thread.

We made a template on white baking parchment by tracing our shape (or shapes) in a layout we wanted…

and then used this to transfer the shape onto the background fabric.  This was then basted on 100% cotton wadding with a calico backing and then…

to the job of choosing the colour thread….

…the leaf shape was stitched using a rayon thread.

The plan is to free motion a different design in each section, 2 done 7 more to go!!

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Autumn Leaves with Sheena Norquay at Alston Hall

Well Janet (M-in-L) and I have another busy 2 days ahead of us.

We are doing a residential workshop titled ‘Autumn Leaves’ with Sheena Norquay and are really looking forward to it.  It is being held at Alston Hall which we have been to a few times before.  It is a lovely place and they really look after you.

We first saw Sheena and her fabulous work at one of the Quilters Guild Regional Days organised by Region 13 and jumped at the chance to do a workshop with her.

Here is a link to her site for you to have a nosey at…


I will post pictures of our creations next week!

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