What I Have Been Up To…


Hello there

Apologies for the long absence.  I thought I would share what I have been up to….

As well as trying to recover, I have decided to set up my own business creating unique hand dyed & hand printed fabric. I have even taken the plunge and plan to teach workshops aswell particularly free motion stitching.

It is quite scary, lots of hard work and scary again!

I am very nervous about it but it is something I have been thinking about for a while and the unfortunate circumstances of last year, whilst it has been the worst time, has also presented me with an opportunity I think.

So I am trying to get on with it.  I am learning all the time and have received the most fabulous support from my family and surprisingly from other traders I have met.  They have given me lots of advice and encouragement which has been so appreciated.

I have a new website tracyfox.co.uk which is still work in progress – need to add lots of lovely pictures.  Now the weather seems to be getting a little better I might take them outside.

t r a c y f o x . c o . u k

I have also created a facebook page which is a big challenge for me as I am not a ‘natural’ facebook user but am staring to learn how best to use it!  There are photos of my stand at a recent event at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, Oldham.

If you have time please pay me a visit me there, would love to see what you think.

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Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate 2013


Only 4 more sleeps to go until the last of the visits on mine and Janet’s (M-in-L) 2013 Creative Calender!

I am so looking forward to The Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate which is on from Thursday 21st to Sunday 24th November 2013.  You can find out more about the show by clicking on the picture below which takes you to the website.

Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate

We always go on the Sunday by coach and this year are travelling from Padgate again which is organised by the Warrington Craft Workers Guild.

Can’t wait!

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Make Your Mark: what did you do?


The idea behind this activity at the exhibition was to give visitors the opportunity to get their hands on some fabric and pens and have a play.

I created freezer paper stencils of the words Make Your Mark.

1 Make Your Mark Stencils

I then prepared 3 panels of white fabric using the stencils and Markal crayons just to start things off…


There wasn’t any rules as such but there were lots of busy hands…..it could be anything from their name, handprint, comments about the day or even something a bit more adventurous!

And my very first visitor did indeed make her mark…Kath Dootson My First Visitor

Terry Jones Ruth Paul OopsNatalieNatalie maybeMaslows Triange Mandy Lou The Fabulous Stitcher KristinaKaty Fairweather 1 Katy Fairweather 2Jill Janet M-in-L In Awe

Imogens Mum 1

Imogens Mum 2Helen Carter 1Helen Carter 2Grace Glenys Eve Erica and Diane ED

Dawn Michelle Seddon 1

Dawn Michelle Seddon 2Beth Singleton Beautiful Flower Anne W Alison Singleton

The Master At Work me thinks….otherwise known as Philip (The Father-in-Law)

Philip Van Gogh at work

but what is he up to…

Philips Masterpiece

Yes, definitely a master piece by Philip Van Gogh!

Sharon The Talented Teacher 1

Sharon The Talented Teacher 2

Huge Thanks go to Sharon (The Talented Teacher) who looked after things at the table.  As the fabric panels became decorated they were hung up for everyone to see what fellow visitors had been up to!

6 Creativity at Work

3 Make Your Mark created

4 Make Your Mark created

Last but definitely not least My Thanks To ‘The Cast’The Cast

And the final word goes to EleanorElenor

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Miniature Quilts


I attended Region 13 Quilter’s Guild Regional Day recently at Frodsham Community Centre and on display were 8 miniature quilts.

As I was admiring them, I started chatting with a lovely lady who turned out to be the person who was had not only made one of the quilts on display but had also come up with the idea of the ‘Row Round Robin’.  The lady’s name is Edna Bereton.

She explained that she was a member of the Miniature Quilt Group, which is a specialist group of the Quilter’s Guild and how 8 members of the group had participated in the challenge.  Some of you may have seen them on display at this years Festival of Quilts.

Miniature Quilts Information

Miniature Quilt 8 Miniature Quilt 7 Miniature Quilt 6 Miniature Quilt 5 Miniature Quilt 4 Miniature Quilt 2 Miniature Quilt 3  Miniature Quilt 1

If you would like to know more about this group please visit them by clicking on the image below.

Miniature Quilt Group

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What Would You Do: the winner


One of the activities for visitors to participate in at the exhibition was…

What Would You Do

I did indeed read through all the entries and pondered long and hard over which one to choose and eventually I chose the entry by…..

Jill Asan

This is the details of what she would do with the fabric….

Winning Entry Jill Asan

and here is the hand dyed fabric….

What Would You Do 1

It measures 28″ x 68″

What Would You Do 2

What Would You Do 3

What Would You Do 4

Why give this away you may be asking yourself?

When I dyed this fabric I couldn’t wait to open it up and see how it had turned out but I love it so much that I would never dare cut or stitch into it.  I take it out regularly and admire the pattern and colour then put it away again (sound familiar to anyone??).

Congratulations to Jill for her fabulous ideas, I have no doubt she will make something wonderful and hopefully share pictures with us!

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Visitor’s Choice: the favourite


Thank you to everyone who visited the exhibition and took the time to vote for their favourite exhibit.

Congratulations go to Lou (The Fabulous Stitcher) and her quilt named ‘Stack and Whack’ which proved to be the most popular with the voters!

Here is a picture of it proudly displayed at home…

Stack and Whack by Louisa Dean Visitors Choice

Here are the reasons visitors had for choosing this gorgeous quilt…

‘Really striking design.  The monochrome fabric used for the kaleidoscope motifs is quite unique and along with the gold thread and beading, it’s just beautiful.’

‘Modern colours, male or female room, my eyes were drawn to it instantly.’

‘Colour and impact of the quilt is very effective’

‘Quite striking! Lovely colours.  Very good work.’

‘Striking piece of work, subtle but so impressive.’

Next post will be revealing the winner of ‘What Would You Do’!

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Raffle Prize Winners


All the raffle prizes were donated by generous and gifted people so a huge thank you to all of them for making the raffle such a success.

The tickets were drawn for the prizes in the order that they were donated with 2 extra being given on the day!

The quilt was won by Ron and Ann France who are members of the french group that Janet (M-in-L) goes to and here they are with their prize.  I have been told that they are very pleased to have won it and plan to use it which is great news.

Quilt Winners

The next prize to be drawn was the handmade bag made by Marion Robertson.  This was won by Valerie Williams who kindly bought tickets during a recent workshop I attended at Alston Hall. Winner of Marions Bag Valerie Williams

The next ticket drawn was for Lou’s Shoes won by Sue Nealon, a ticket sold by Our Laurie (my Cousin).Winner of Lous Shoes Sue NealonThe lovely beach scene picture made by Ruth Parker was won by Sharon Smith who is a client of Our Linda (my Little Sister).Ruths Picture 2

Lou’s Patchwork Bag was won by Sheryl Evans who couldn’t have won a more appropriate prize as she is a true bag lover! Unfortunately I was silly enough not to have taken a full photo of another of Lou’s gorgeous creations but this is a close up of part of it to give you a taster!Winner of Lous Patchwork Bag Sheryl Evans

I am very jealous of the next winner as I wanted this prize for myself!  Well done to Audrey Harvey for winning Green Cloud 2 made by Monica Selway.Winner of Green Cloud Silk Embroidered Picture Audrey Harvey

Michael Tandy was the winner of the vouchers from The Little House of Beauty, a ticket sold by Lyn Dunn.

Winner of Beauty Vouchers Michael Tandy

The next 2 prizes were kindly donated on the day of the exhibition but I only have pictures of one of them…

Trish from Tilia Fabric, who was present selling her wonderful fabric and more, donated the next prize.  The Little Owl Kit was won by Sarah G who is a colleague of Our Laurie’s (my Cousin).  I am reliably informed by Trish that Little Owl is a girl!

Winner of Little Owl Kit Sarah G 1 Winner of Little Owl Kit Sarah G 2

Last but definately not least, was a handmade card donated with a red rooster illustration which was won by Jo Akers at Pennine Care (no photo I’m afraid).

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you again for your support.

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The Total by end of Sunday…


Well the exhibition has come and gone and it is fair to say that I am absolutely shattered!

I have spent the last year planning and imagining the day and all its details in my head and now the clear up must begin as my house looks like a whirl wind has been through it!

The first thing I did last night though, was to ensure all the money raised from the various activities for the Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund were entered into the JustGiving page.

Before I reveal all, I would like to say…


to everyone single person who was involved in any way at all in the exhibition

You have collectively managed to not only reach the £500 target I set but to blow it out of the water!!!

The total raised and now paid online is…..The Total up to the end of yesterday.Congratulations everyone and please accept my heartfelt thanks for your support.

Please visit http://www.justgiving.com/familyandfriendsexhibition and

view the posts in the ‘Updates’ and ‘Donations’ sections of the page

More posts to follow with details of the prize winners and pictures.

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More Raffle Prizes


Another 2 raffle prizes have very kindly been donated to support our raffle.

Joanne from The Little House of Beauty has given a £20 voucher to be spent at her lovely beauty salon in Warrington. Lots of lovely treatments to choose from…

The Little House of Beauty

This gorgeous prize is a framed piece of hand and machine work on silk by Monica Selway.  It is called ‘Green Cloud 2’ and was inspired by chinese embroidery.

Monica 1

…a tempting close up… Monica 2

A very big thank you to both Monica and Joanne for providing these 2 prizes and for selling/buying tickets aswell.

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Come and Find It


I thought I would give you a head start for Come and Find it by showing you the 1st picture………..

Come and Find It No 1

Find out what I am talking about in the previous post.

Happy hunting!

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